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  • Upcoming Hearings or Meetings

    ADEQ Public Events - Meetings

    Go Red! Funding Workshop
    To reduce diesel emissions in the state
    Thursday, December 18, 2014, 9 am - 12 noon
    ADEQ Headquarters - 5301 Northshore Drive, North Little Rock

    The workshop is open to the public. Staff will give brief presentations at 9 a.m., 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. and attendees are free to stop by at any time during the three-hour window. The initial deadline for application submission is Dec. 31 with additional deadline at the end of each of the next several months or until all funds are awarded.

    Thursday, December 18, 2014, 1 - 4 pm
    ADEQ Headquarters - 5301 Northshore Drive, North Little Rock

    To discuss plans for developing a National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) State Implementation Plan. Stakeholders representing a variety of interested parties have been invited to the meeting, which is also open to the public. ADEQ staff will present information on the NAAQS standards and the SIP implementation process.

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    ADEQ Hearings/Permit Information

    ADEQ News Releases (including information about upcoming hearings)

    Public notices about permit hearings and meetings - Announcements of public hearings or meetings that have been scheduled to gather comments or provide citizens with information about specific permit issues.

    Permit notices not relating to hearings or meetings - Public notices concerning permit issues for which public comment is being sought or which may be of other interest to citizens – but which do not announce a public hearing or meeting. These may include notices of proposed permits or modifications, the granting of Interim Authority under pending permits, authorizations for Permit Variances and other matters.

    Mailing lists/listservs in use by various ADEQ divisions - Provides a link to subscribe to the following (and other) ADEQ mailing lists:
    Air Permits - Permit Changes
    Air Planning - Clean Diesel Funding
    Hazardous Waste Generator Reminders
    Arkansas Watersheds
    Solid Waste Division Newsletter
    Industrial Stormwater Permit Reminders
    Water Permits - (miscellaneous) ... (TOP)

    Local Legislative Issues

    Get local news about Arkansas legislative issues at the Arkansas Citizens First Congress site. (TOP)

    News Articles in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (unless otherwise indicated by #) that may be of interest:

    Lake Maumelle Watershed

    8/27/14 Page 4B - Watershed amendment approved - JPs unanimous in passing changes to zoning regulations ...The text of the amendment can be found ...co.pulaski.ar.us ...or at pulaskicounty.net/pdf/ZoningAmendmentLMWZ728.pdf

    8/8/14 Page 1A - Pair heads bid to turn Little Italy into a city ...in the Lake Maumelle watershed.

    8/4/14 Page 1B - Team samples streams feeding Lake Maumelle (TOP)

    Mayflower Oil Spill

    8/13/14 Page 1B - Class action granted in Exxon oil-spill suit ...lawsuit seeks either cancellation of the easements and removal of the pipeline from their property or a requirement that Exxon replace the pipeline.

    7/30/14 Page 1B - Pipeline restarts south of Mayflower rupture - Pegasus pipeline ... southern section, all in Texas, ... was restarted on July 9. (TOP)

    Buffalo River Watershed

    11/16/14 Page 1B - Vaporized pig waste leaving some unease ...ADEQ unsure if air quality permit is required.

    The Buffalo River Watershed Alliance and the Ozark River Stewards invite you to join them for an informative presentation that will cover recent developments in their multi-pronged efforts to protect and preserve our country's first national river. October 18, 2014 at St. Paul’s Parish, 224 N. East Avenue, Fayetteville, AR 72701 (TOP)

    Other Water Issues

    9/21/14 Page 3B - ...judge ruled that measure asking voters to stop Hot Springs from using De Gray Lake as a supplemental water source will not be on the November ballot ...because it didn't include the phrase "Be it enacted by the people of."

    8/12/14 Page 1B - Mercury level high in fish tests ...advisory for Lake Ouachita.

    8/6/14 - Park service focused on testing Big Creek ...repeated spikes in E coli ...after big rains ...assessment of E coli in the Buffalo River

    8/5/14 Page 2B - Joint meeting focuses on water sources - (Hot Springs officials) ...have asked for a 15.75 million gallon a day allocation from Lake Ouachita (TOP)

    Food Safety

    9/21/14 Page 1G - Tyson leads two rivals in EPA violations

    9/21/14 Page 1G - Europe not ready to stomach chemicals on U.S. apples


    9/21/14 Page 2G - EPA urged to target leaking methane - Environmental groups ...including the Sierra Club ...

    8/21/14 - #Arkansas Times# Page 10 - Arkansas's carbon plan draws praise ...Energy efficiency is one of four areas in which states can meet EPA's proposed mandate...

    8/5/14 Page 7B - Just drop the line - ...attorney ...has asked the Arkansas Public Service Commission to deny SWEPCO's permit application based on an unproven need. (TOP)

    Alternate Auto fuels

    8/24/14 Page 2B - Natural gas station profits said modest - Little Rock's compressed natural gas station has not seen as much business ...as city officials had hoped...

    8/24/14 Page 3B - Awaiting repairs, fuel site sitting idle - The (NLR) city-owned compressed natural gas station at ...is out of service ...tractor-trailer struck the pump Aug. 15. (TOP)

    Cave Closure

    7/27/14 Page 10V (River Valley Section) - Cave-closure order extended for five years; forest managers hopeful for cure of deadly bat disease - For more info: http://www.fs.usda.gov /detail/osfnf/notices/?cid=STELPRDB5213741 (TOP)

    Endangered Species - Invasive Species

    11/23/14 Page 7a - Nearly out of ask, borer nibbles tree kin .....The U.S. Department of Agriculture has confirmed that the borer had attacked the white frings tree, which is in the same family as not only the ash but also forsythia and lilac.

    9/21/14 Page 1H - The State of the Birds Report 2014 was released 9/9/14 and is available at www.stateofthebirds.org/

    8/27/14 - The Emerald Ash Borer has been found in Arkansas. The discovery may mean adding Arkansas to a federal quarantine that bars movement of firewood and nursery stock out of the quarantined area to slow the insect’s spread. For more info, go to www.emeraldashborer.info or www.arinvasives.org

    7/27/14 Page 2A - Kudzu of South marches on North - As climate warms, the bane spreads (TOP)

    Wildfire Risk

    7/31/14 Page 2B - Arkansas Forestry Commission joined ...Southern Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal ...www.southernwildfirerisk.com (TOP)

    Last updated 10/16/2014

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