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News Articles in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Sunday 7/27/14:


Page 2A - Kudzu of South marches on North - As climate warms, the bane spreads

Page 5A - Western states tap groundwater - (west) has lost ...16 cubic miles of fresh water

Page 10V (River Valley Section) - Cave-closure order extended for five years; forest managers hopeful for cure of deadly bat disease - For more info: http://www.fs.usda.gov /detail/osfnf/notices/?cid=STELPRDB5213741

Page 2G - N.Y. capital city nears oil-hub status - Bakken shale boom sends crude 1,800 miles (from North Dakota) to Albany terminals for shipping.

Page 11A - ...schedules of politicians, mobile offices (senators), intern openings)

Government (History)

Page 4H - (editorial) The first session - Tomorrow is the 195th anniversary of the first meeting of the Arkansas legislature

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